Toll Free Numbers

Ez-Phone is a leading provider of reliable, feature packed Business PBX phone service
Big telephone companies offer similar features for much higher prices. Why pay more when Ez-Phone offers the same services for much less?

Ez-Phone PBX phone features

No geographical limitation

• Phones can work from anywhere provided an internet connection is available

• Your phone can travel with you. You can connect to the phone system from your office, home or a hotel.

• Use 1 incoming number to receive and divert call to any office location in the world

• Make conference calls, keep calls on hold with music. Divert calls manually by an operator or use automated IVR system

• Use “ring groups”, where more than one phone extension rings when your business calls come in.

• Use “follow me” feature that allow calls to be forwarded to your cell or external number if the call is not answered in the specified time period.

• All standard phone features, like call waiting, caller ID, and voice mail is included.

• Receive voice mail in your emai.l

• All calls made within our network are free regardless of the office location.

•Call made outside Ez-Phone network to anywhere in Canada or US cost you $0 as they are included in the package.

• Very low calling rates to the rest of the world.

Customers call Toll Free

Ez-Phone toll free number is a Business PBX phone that allows your customers to call in toll free on your phone system anywhere from Canada & US.   The incoming rate is as low as 5 cents per minute.  It consists of all other features and outgoing calling rates as a Business PBX.

Call our sales team to choose a toll free number from 800, 866 and 888 pool.  A fix charge is applied depending on the selection of the number.

Switch to Ez-Phone toll free phone today!

Ez-Phone Toll free is only CDN $49.99/month. Each addition extention is $19.99/month