Ez-Phone is a leading provider of reliable, feature packed home phone service
Big telephone companies offer similar features for much higher prices. Why pay more when Ez-Phone offers the same services for much less?

VOIP Phone

Res Basic is a VOIP phone
It requires your existing high speed internet to work.

VOIP Adapter
A VOIP adapter is required to connect your home phone to the Ez-Phone network. It can be purchased separately from Ez-Phone Inc. or other electronic products vendor.



Our ResPower phone plan includes unlimited Long distance calls within Canada and to the US. It is loaded with calling features. Other companies usually offer these features at an extra charge per feature.


Features include:
•Caller ID
•Voicemail in your email
•Call Blocking
•Call Waiting
•Call Forwarding
• 911 Services
• Free Long distance calls within Canada and the US.
• FREE calls to other Ez-Phone home phone lines anywhere across the world.

Switch to Ez-Phone home phone today!

Ez-Phone ResPower CDN $19.99/month