Ez-Phone is a leading provider of reliable, feature packed home phone service
Big telephone companies offer similar features for much higher prices. Why pay more when Ez-Phone offers the same services for much less?

VOIP Phone

Res Basic is a VOIP phone
It requires your existing high speed internet to work.

VOIP Adapter
A VOIP adapter is required to connect your home phone to the Ez-Phone network. It can be purchased separately from Ez-Phone Inc. or other electronic products vendor.



Our basic home phone plan includes 9 great calling features free of cost to you. Other companies usually offer these features at an extra charge per feature.


Features include:
•Caller ID
•Voicemail in your email
•Call Blocking
•Call Waiting
•Call Forwarding
• 911 Services
• Free calls within the GTA
• FREE calls to other Ez-Phone home phone lines anywhere across the world.

Switch to Ez-Phone home phone today!

Ez-Phone ResBasic CDN $9.99/month